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Genesis Computers (A unit of Genesis InSoft Limited) started its operations on 16th March 1992 in Hyderabad, India primarily as a centre for IT training, development and consultancy.

Genesis has highly qualified and experienced IT professionals. Genesis team was carefully selected for specific expertise and the ability to work as a team for a goal. Team members are cross-trained in a number of functions to provide the products and services that our customers demand. Our exemplary customer service sets us apart from the others. Our Professional's expertise insight will help in delivering e-business solutions that support business system needs. Web enabling certain business systems makes an organization internally efficient and competitive enough to face dynamic market situations. E-business solutions enable your value chain to share information in a completely secured online environment.

Rajendra Tapadia

Rajendra Tapadia is the founder of Genesis Computers (a unit of Genesis InSoft Limited) which started operations on 16th March, 1992. He has over 30+ years of experience in software development and training. He is a post graduate with Master of Science in CAD/CAM from Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, USA and his Bachelors was in Production Engineering from Osmania University, Hyderabad, India.

Tapadia started his career with CAD Graphics, Tempe. He Moved to India in 1989, joined OMC Computers Ltd., in their R&D department. After working 13 months in R&D of OMC, he joined Intergraph India Pvt. Ltd., where he worked for about 3 years. He was deputed to Intergraph Corporation, Huntsville, Alabama, for about a year.

Tapadia has skills in the areas of Java and its suite of related technologies, PLM product (TeamCenter Enterprise), ASP, XML, WML, UML, C, C++, Visual Basic, Visual C++, COM/DCOM, Microsoft .NET (C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET 2/3.5, Ajax etc), PowerBuilder, Unix, Oracle, SQL Server, Perl, Python, TCL/Tk, etc. He has trained over 23000+ people during his career, and has executed several projects including,,, EAMCETGuru, GenStocks,,, PowerBuilderTools, Message Manager, Bug Reporting and Tracking System, Database Tools, Project Tracking SYstem, etc.

Tapadia leads the team working with PLM customization. He is involved in areas related to Project Management, Resource Management, Scheduling, Client communication and helping clients take technical and design decisions. Besides, he is also involved in Software Design, implementations related to Model and Method coding, web customization, report writing, scheduling, preparing and exposing various work tools related to custom classes, etc.

Tapadia has more than 27+ years of teaching experience, and has conducted training for various corporates. Click corporate training for corporate clients list.


received Gold Medal in Bachelor of Engineering.

was a consultant to Tanla Solutions Limited, Hyderabad from October 2007 to February 2008.

was a consultant to Virtusa India Private Limited, Hyderabad from February 2002 to December 2002.

was a consultant to iLabs, Hyderabad from May 2001 to Aug 2001.

was a consultant to D.E. Shaw India Software Private Limited from December 1997 to October 1998.

was the recipient of Regents Scholarship during Master of Science.

has to his credit a publication which appeared in "Computers & Graphics" journal.
Tapadia, R. K., and M. R. Henderson, "Using a Feature-Based Model for Automatic Determination of Assembly Handling Codes," Computers & Graphics, vol. 14, no. 2, May 1990.

Tapadia is a counsellor at Seva, a free and confidential counselling centre located in Hyderabad.

Monika Tapadia

Monika Tapadia completed Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and Bachelor in Automobile Engineering from Pune University. She is one of the Directors of Genesis InSoft Limited and has been instrumental in implementing and imparting PowerBuilder Technology to the Genesis Development team. She has total of 15+ years of experience as a Project leader and Centre head of Genesis.

Monika has skills in the areas of Microsoft .NET, ASP.NET 2/3.5, Ajax, etc, PowerBuilder, Star Designer, AppLib, Power Builder Foundation Classes, Java, C, C++, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Oracle, Watcom SQL, SQL Server, Unix etc. She has implemented more than dozen projects in areas like PowerBuilder, MS SQL Server, Watcom SQL and Visual Basic for both domestic and international clients. She was involved in the requirements gathering, design, implementation, testing and marketing of SmartLab™ product.

She has around 8+ years experience in TeamCenter Enterprise - a PLM product and is currently working at Genesis InSoft Limited. She has actively participated in the following areas: system/requirements study, preparing data models for customizations, system/work-flow design and development/implementation on both server side and web side. She has built various tools/utilities around TeamCenter Enterprise product and was involved in report writing and custom services development.

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