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Genesis has earned a reputation of being in forefront on Technology and is ranked amongst the top corporate training institute in Hyderabad. Your technology career may have just begun or you may be an experienced software professional, Genesis offers you diverse opportunities to enhance your technical skills and keeps you out from getting obsolete in the ever changing IT industry.

Corporate training services and student training comes to life with our on-line demos, challenging labs, critical assessment and real-world insight from experts with vast experience in the subject matter. Engage in dynamic learning where multiple senses help reinforce learning concepts. See the steps, hear the explanations then put your skills to work. Our proven methodology provides an unequalled training experience with exceptional results which is used in corporate training.

We have on our faculty a team of highly qualified and trained professionals who have worked both in India and abroad. So far we have trained about 36,000+ students who were mostly engineers and experienced computer professionals themselves. Training is imparted through lectures supplemented with on-line demonstrations using audio visuals aids. Seminars, workshops and demonstrations are organized periodically to keep the participants abreast of the latest technologies.

Our emphasis is not only on imparting a strong conceptual base, but also in laying a practical foundation that will allow you to address real time practical issues to face the ever-increasing software complexity which is also part of our corporate training program.

We recruit the best talent from our training pool into our development wing and impart additional focused training in the following areas - software development life cycle, design methodology (UML), quality processes, testing methodology etc.

Genesis is involved in corporate training and consultancy since 1992 and has conducted programmes for prestigious clients in Hyderabad and outside. Click corporate training for corporate clients list.

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