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  • SmartLab™ - New generation software for modern Pathology/Diagnostic labs. Click SmartLab to know more about this software which is making news in the medical field.

  • Strand Electrical Appliances - Maintenance, Scheduling and Analysis tool for Strand Electrical Appliances, which is a division of the OCS Group (, who specialise in international property support services.

  • Cafezee - A complete 'Cybercafe Management System'. Genesis is involved in the maintenance and enhancements of Cafezee 3.0 features.

  • iCreateDIRECT CDROMBuilder
    It is a windows application that allows the user to define templates (using HOTSPOTS) for a website and build web pages out of it. It is developed in VJ++ with backend as MS Access Database.


Genesis has successfully implemented the following projects. Some of them are listed below.

  • SDTEditor
    This product is a VML/JavaScript/HTML based editor for drawing shapes for sentence diagrams.

    Web site and admin portal

    Web site and admin portal

  • Lotus Notes application for an Advertising company


Download - Components page has been revitalized with two new Java components that helps you design/develop applet easily.

Download - Applications page has been added with lot of new applications built using VC++.

Genesis Brains

Genesis Brains - a portal for taking tests online is now live. This portal offers free and paid tests in various subjects like Unix, C, C++, VC++, Java, XML, J2EE, COM/DCOM and .Net

For the benefit of the development and testing departments, Genesis has hosted one of its very useful products - BRTS, for FREE. It is a very useful supporting tool for any project/application development. It helps to efficiently keep track of bugs and its related activities. You can keep track of bugs for of any number of projects and any number of its related modules. It has various reports options that displays status of the bug, history of the bug, update a bug, etc.
XML Schema design

Genesis completed the design of Schema definition for Mobile-X protocol used in Wireless industry.

Dr Mohan Krishnamurthy Awards

The following students were honoured with Dr Mohan Krishnamurthy memorial award for their excellent performance.

Name of the student Course
Ms. B. Sukanya C++
Mr. P. Srinivasa Rao C++
Ms. G. Radha Sirisha C++
Ms. P. Radhika C++
Ms. Uma Chinmayee Unix
Mr. Ramesh Babu G C Language
Mr. B. Mallaiah C Language
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