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Following is the list of what some of our clients had to say about the work quality and professionalism of our company.

Aditya Achyutuni, L&D Specialist, Tanla Solutions Ltd.

Mr. Tapadia was engaged by us to provide Core-Skills Training to our new hires. He was flexible in adapting to our training schedule needs and tailored the content to our requirements.

The post-training feedback received from our employees has been very positive. Mr. Tapadia knows his subject and is excellent at delivering it to his trainees.

He is highly recommended for his range of knowledge, his understanding of training needs, patience and his commitment towards training.

Dr. Roshan Joseph (Manager, Training & Development, Virtusa India Pvt Ltd)

Mr. Tapadia has trained a campus batch of 60 students (10 week duration) for Virtusa India Private Limited.

Mr. Tapadia's finely tuned training techniques and good case studies helped our employees acquire better insight into technology. In addition employees were encouraged to ask questions, explore on their own and delve into technology.

I will highly recommend Mr. Tapadia.

Malla K Reddy (Managing Director, Teradata India Engineering & Services)

The corporate training in Unix, C, RDBMS concepts, Perl, VB.NET and ASP.NET conducted by Mr. Raj Tapadia of Genesis InSoft Limited for our associates turned to be a useful one. The training, which included theory & practical sessions, were well-customized to our needs and met with our requirements.

Thanks to the detailed course material and experienced trainers, we found our Associates grasping the concepts speedily and enthusiastically. Owing to Genesis's finely-tuned training techniques, our Associates were encouraged to ask questions and acquired better insight.

On behalf of Teradata India Engineering & Services, I would like to extend a well-deserved thank You to Mr. Raj Tapadia and his team. I appreciate Raj's timely assistance with the kick-off training at the inception of our team in Hyderabad.

Akella V. Ratnakar (Director, United Online Software Development (India) Private Limited)

This is to certify that Mr. Rajendra Tapadia of Genesis InSoft Limited has been conducting training programmes on C++ for new campus hires joining our company, as part of Induction training for freshers. He has been conducting this training since the inception of our company in May 1999.

The programmes have been of high quality and have been extremely useful in providing the right programming perspective as the new recruits join the various teams.

Mr. Tapadia has also made efforts to customise the programme to suit our requirements. He has also been conducting Java/Web modules programmes that have been very useful.

We look forward to continue working with him.

TV Prasad (Head - Human Resources, Mentor Graphics (India) Pvt Ltd)

Mr. Raj Tapadia is meticulous in his approach towards training. He had conducted training on MFC/VC++, COM/DCOM and XML in our company and the feedback was excellent, calling for repeat programs by him.

His subject matter depth, orientation towards understanding the exact training needs prior to the program and efforts in customizing the delivery of training is commendable.

Krishna Prasad (Senior HR - Learning & Development, ADP India Ltd)

I wouldn't hesitate in saying that Mr. Tapadia is a professional trainer and one of the best trainers I have ever seen.

He trains ADPians in Unix, C, C++, MFC/VC++, COM/DCOM, Java/J2EE, VB.Net, C#.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, JSF and XML technologies. The programmes are of high quality and very well customized according to our needs.

All our associates are very much pleased with the way the sessions are handled, the case studies provided and the techniques followed to address concepts and practical issues.

We would continue with Mr. Tapadia as corporate trainer until these technologies exist.

M. Vinod (HR Executive - Learning & Development, Infotech Enterprises Ltd)

Mr. Rajendra Tapadia of Genesis Insoft is well known in the corporate training fraternity.

He is an extremely focused person keen on delivering quality training to software engineers of all levels. He has done many programmes for us in various technologies and has consistently scored 4.7 & above on a scale of 5 for training effectiveness.

We strongly recommend him for any similar assignment.

Hemant Ladhe (Engineering Manager, Mentor Graphics (India) Pvt Ltd)

I had training in MFC/VC++ and COM/DCOM from Mr. Rajendra Tapadia of Genesis InSoft Limited.

Mr. Rajendra Tapadia's training was organized in such a manner that it was simple to understand Windows message based architecture. He is very knowledgeable and the examples which he used while teaching were very helpful for me to quickly get hands on with MFC/VC++ and COM/DCOM.

The flow of the training was such that, I could appreciate use of Wizards in later part of the training sessions.

Nayyar Husain Khan (Project Manager, NCR Corporation (I) Pvt. Ltd)

The programs dealt by Mr. Rajendra Tapadia of Genesis InSoft Limited are one of the best as it covers both the theory and training portions in best way. Beauty of the program is such that nothing is left unanswered in the sessions and he is very flexible in his approach (with the associates grasping the concepts easily in his sessions).

Thanks a lot for the best quality training programs done for us.

Ram Vadivelu (Ph.D., Global Engineering Development Lead - Qualcomm, Inc)

We work with many vendors and training professionals across the world, and I rate Raj Tapadia very highly in that list. He is professional, diligent, easy to work with, very proactive and technically astute. He also gets consistently high ratings from the participants.

He has become our go-to guy for needs around software programming, scripting and related technologies. I highly recommend Raj and his organization and would be happy to provide more specific references as needed.

Srinivas Kavuri (CTO, CommVault Systems (India) Private Limited)

Mr. Tapadia has been conducting customized C/C++ in-house training program for our campus recruits for a few years. His strengths lie in customizing, structuring and planning the course contents to train students in advanced C/C++ concepts.

His mixed approach of theory and practical sessions is well balanced to instill core programming fundamentals in to the class. Raj and his staff always received excellent feedback from our employees. It has been a great pleasure working with Raj and his team.

Andrew Dias (Director,

I have worked with Raj and his team on developing a workflow application for the legal industry. His team were excellent in translating the business process requirements into a web application which was a joy to use for its clarity and simplicity of user interface.

The clients were very pleased with the application as it was easily integrated into the law firm practice with the minimum of training and supervision.

Tsvi David Furst (Business Associate,

I had the pleasure of working with Rajendra and his team on many engagements. Rajendra and his team always proved to be a very valuable resource without which the project would not succeed. Rajhendra's professionalism, technical abilities and his commitment to the project contributed greatly to the overall success of every project we did together.

Specifically I had the pleasure of working with Rajendra on two projects: ( and ( Both were very sofisticated, dynamic web applications, with database integration. In both projects we had a very tight budget and a very challenging schedule. Thanks to Rajendra's high quality code and his tremendous effort, both projects ended up as huge success stories. Our clients were very satisfied with the end result and were amazed at what we were able to accomplish in a very short time frame with very tight budgets.

I am certain that you will find working with Rajendra to be a very productive and enjoyable experience.

Andrew Parry (Business Associate,

We all got a big THANK YOU from the client today for working so hard this last week or so. They really like their site and are getting very excited. So thank your team from me and from the client. You guys are doing great.

Neil De Odhar (Director, Data-Flo)

Data-Flo (, based in New York has had an ongoing relationship with Genesis and with Rajendra Tapadia since about 2000. I have always found their entire team to be highly responsive and keen to address the issues quickly and to our full satisfaction. The software projects that Data-Flo and Genesis have worked on together have resulted in a smooth and effective participation of programmers resulting in a satisfied and happy customer. Project deadlines have been met consistently, and costs have been kept within budget.

Rajendra Tapadia has an excellent grasp of the technical issues related to all of the contemporary software tools and languages that he works with, and is able to lead his team working on our projects with great skill and focused attention.

Specifically, we have worked with Rajendra on:, its related e-commerce, CD creation aspects; and on various XML related initiatives. We have found that Rajendra has shown a remarkable ability to come up with innovative solutions to software related issues, and his effort has enabled us to meet client goals efficiently and with a great degree of competence.

We have no doubt that you will find working with Rajendra Tapadia to be an efficient and productive experience, resulting in competent, professional delivery of project goals.

Bharath (Business Partner,

Appreciations are not new to you. I know pretty well the way you work, where clients/etisbew would be satisfied to such an extent, that we can have a good nights sleep (even day), when something is given to you to do.

I have been working with you, from day 1 when we started preparing the UML model for flexfolio, you never changed, you are the same man (probably more of hard work now), but with lot more of wokring hrs. I also feel, do you ever get exhausted? .

Let the world change, we both saw people come and go, ups and downs, good and bad times, but we had our own way to patch up and work towards the best and to make the client happy.

Taps when I read the mails flowing from Raj and other madcatz team, I always feel so proud to have TAPS with us (you know - taps - a small four letter word would mean much more to us now than anything else).

Taps also to say we always used to wonder, what if Taps was not there, that's why I believe Genesis and now Etisbew got such a good name as it has taps with them.

I am too small to appreciate you at this time, you are already a man with lot of credits to your past and present, and making all water taps called technology and knowledge flow in through the veins and arteries of etisbew.

However you are best, I can only add "THE" best words, towards your performance.

Raj Pakala (CEO, etisbew)

Thanks a lot for the great work. Teams like you make Etisbew proud and are the major force behind its growth. I sincerely appreciate your efforts. I am continuously noting the updates on the site and I in fact visit the site numerous times every day, it is coming up very well.

Please visit This is definitely the best website we built so far.
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