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MadCatz Web site and Admin Portal
Client Providio Inc, USA.
Software JSP, Servlets, Java Mail, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript and Oracle 8i.
Description For twelve years, MadCatz has been a worldwide leader in manufacturing, distributing and marketing innovative controllers and other peripherals for the console and PC game markets. The website presents a comprehensive information of all the available consoles, products, peripherals and other controllers of MadCatz. It is fully image rich and animation supported site that allows the user the find complete details of the products at MadCatz. Some of the salient features include – Listing of products at MadCatz in user-defined filters, customization of the site display with user preferences, regular new articles, letters and events at MadCatz, Company history with Global partners and their visual links, retailer links, secure rooms for the investors, designers, developers and press members, site search using various filters, customer services, product registrations, option to participate in various promotions of the company, careers at MadCatz etc.

The project includes a complete admin portal (content management tool) to support the operations of the site. Some of the salient features of the admin portal includes – Hierarchical Display of database objects and admin tools, user configuration and maintenance, security, defining, listing and updating database objects like products, consoles, accessories etc, each of which have an option to upload corresponding images and multimedia file to the live site, Jobs and Recruitment, FAQs, Promotions defining and configuring, Controlling of "how the home page looks" using featured products listings, settings news, articles, events and defining breaking news, etc, option to export any database object in forms like .SQL, .XML and .CSV Excel file.
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