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Sentence Diagramming Editor
Client Etisbew Technology Group, USA.
Software VML (Vector Markup Language), HTML, DHTML and JavaScript.
Description SDT Editor is a HTML page, with UI similar to that of MS Paint. It has a toolbox with options to draw various geometric shapes and a control panel to set the attributes for the shapes, like color, thickness, font name, size and style. Additionally it has options to turn snapping on or off, options to cut shapes on the editor and feature to copy all the shapes to the clipboard so that they can be pasted directly into MS Office 2000 products (like Word, Excel, etc.) as drawing objects. It uses Vector Markup Language (VML) to define/draw the shapes. JavaScript is used to define/create the shapes in the editor, dragging the shapes, resizing of the shapes, selecting shapes, multi-selection of the shapes using Ctrl + Click, applying format of colors, fonts, etc.
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